Monday, February 28, 2011

Saying good-bye to a fur-baby.

Brewer was our first love. A small, helpless puppy with the sweetest face. We saw him at the Humane Association. We left and found ourselves talking about him on the way home. And so, the very next day we made him our own. Our first dog together.
As days and months went by we realized this was not the dog we had envisioned. His projected 50lbs. quickly turned into a tall and lean 90 lbs. He was hyper and learned how to escape. He started becoming protective and fearful. He nipped a few of our house guests and a random guy in the neighborhood.
Over a $1000.00 of training, 3 behavioral specialists, and a electric fence later we have come to a heart-wrenching decision. Our first fur-baby has to go. We will not be able to submit our home study without a letter from the vet stating he does not have the potential to harm. And with his biting history he cannot be re-homed. We have been told our options are to surrender him back to the Humane Association or euthanize him at our vet. Regardless, his days here on earth are limited.
This is my husbands best pal, our little dogs best friend, and our cats favorite sleeping mate.
My heart just aches! It has never been my opinion that an animal should be put down for being aggressive. Yet here we are, stuck in a place I guess I always knew was coming. We always knew he wasn't a good dog. He's caused lots of anxiety for my DH and I. But we loved him despite it all.
Cesar Millan where are you? I've got a project for the doggie psychology center. Please?


Marissa said...

What difficult news. :( I'm so sorry.

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